How can we make a training session that fits exactly your expectation?

Contact us and tell us exactly what you are looking for! We will speak or chat together to build a coaching session that meet all your expectations. 


For who and when?

Everybody is concerned! Whether a beginner or a professional sailor, there is always something to learn: 

  • just to have fun during the week-end or during your holidays.
  • before the local race, because the last time you touched a boat the most recent beach catamaran was the Hobie Cat 16!
  • it can be to fine tune everything before the next world championship and reinforce your performances.

You are maybe alone and you want someone with you on your boat to teach you how you should do to be better. You can also be a team, or a group. A group between 2 and 8 boats maximum! This will help to work the speed and racing situations in contact with other boats but also to enjoy a good time with your sailing friends.  For a group the price is also more reasonable. For example, 1 day with 4 boats will be $700. So, $175 for one boat.


Private Coaching*
$550 - 1 day
$800 - 2 days
$2000 - 5 days

Group** Coaching *
$550 - 1 day + $50 by extra boat.  
$800 - 2 days + $50 by extra boat.
$2000 - 5 days + $50 by extra boat.

*You need your own boat with insurance.                                   **Maximum 8 boats.





Spend quality Sailing Time with our coach!